IndoEcon Engineers is amongst the leading manufacturer and suppliers of electrical equipment in India. Its wide range of electrical and electronic products find application in AMF, Static & Motor Control Center Panel Relays - Timers, On Delay Timer, Off Delay Timer, Star Delta Timer, Cyclic Timer, 2 Running 1 Standby Timer Under Voltage Monitor Relay, Over Voltage Monitor Relay, Under + Over Voltage Monitor Relay Over Current Relay, CDG31 Type Over Current Relay, Earth Fault Relay, Earth Leakage Relay Frequency Relay, Speed Relay, Reverse Power Relay, Street Light Controller (PCR), Toggle Relay Phase Sequence Corrector Relay, Single Phasing Preventor, Water Level (Pump) Controller Automatic Changeover Switch with Current Limiting Device, Annunciator Window, Hooter Customized Relays Products Etc.
IndoEcon Engineers has devoted it's entire resources to the Design & production of Process Control Instruments & Sensors since last Six Years. We are fired by the passion to push the limits of technology on Instrumentation. Our products have become the benchmarks for High performance. Our quality control is under hawk eyed technical Supervision of qualified engineers. IndoEcon's 12-18 months warranty is the longest in industry, assuring that IndoEcon's instruments will perform & keep on performing. IndoEcon instruments are consistent, unit to unit, year after year. IndoEcon maintains on-the-self inventory of standard products for Customer's Convenience.

Mr. Upendra Yadav, well known entrepreneur built a bank of prime technological skills and capabilities and a state of art facility that has continuously reinvented itself to meet the changing demands of a changing market - just that one step ahead of time.
Today as a lean, innovative and aggressive power in smart energy solution provider. IndoEcon Systems is well into its tryst with world market with an offering that has strong roots in a traditional value base and comes with the inherent brand qualities of trustworthiness and complete customer satisfaction.
The core value and strategy of IndoEcon Systems is based on the fact that the power of now is the energy of opportunities that come to us disguised as challenges. The power of now at Indoecon System is India’s leading smart energy solution provider with dynamics of making opportunities work as by meeting client's tough specifications of cost and quality. ... 70% of world energy is consumed by infrastructure, industry, buildings and residential markets. Up to 30% the energy savings that we can provide these markets with thanks to current energy efficiency solutions. Today, energy is at the heart of everyone's concern. More than ever, the current situation compels each and every one to achieve more while using fewer resources.
Specialist in energy management, IndoEcon Systems makes energy safe, reliable, efficient, productive and green. How? Simply by making energy visible and giving you the means to act to optimize its consumption.

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